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Triple Clamps


GPSR Adjustable C.P. Triple Clamps
Stacked design offers style and performance.

Featuring plates of billet aluminum, these triple clamps have removable offsets that allow adjustment of the steering stem by 1 mm increments from -6mm to +6mm. Offsets are marked for easy identification and have a raised edge for easy removal. 7/8” and 1” handlebar clamps available in various heights and pull backs.

Smooth or Machined C.P. Top Plate
For a great custom finish, we offer an optional machined top plate. The machine marks have been carefully programmed to follow the contours of the plate.

Stacked C.P. Design
Unique look with the same functionality of a regular adjustable triple clamp. A masterpiece of aluminum and stainless steel, it’ll make your bike stand out in a crowd.

Offsets with Raised Edges
Flush offsets might look nice, but our raised edges are a lot easier to remove and change.

Optional Machined Top Plate
The Adjustable C.P. Triple Clamps come standard with a smooth top plate. Choose the optional Machined Top Plate for a custom finish.

Standard Sizes
Standard sizes are 195mm wide with adjustable offsets from 54mm to 66mm. Sold complete with choice of handlebar clamp and 7 pair of offsets.

  • 195mm wide for 35mm forks
  • 195mm wide for 43mm forks

Special Applications
Triple Clamps for wider, narrower, and special forks are also available. Sold complete with choice of handlebar clamp and 7 pair of offsets.

  • CRF250X
  • Ohlins 56mm OD

Custom Sizes
We also make custom sizes. Contact us with your requests. Sold complete with choice of handlebar clamp and 7 pair of offsets.

7 sizes are available from 0mm to 6 mm in 1 mm increments. They can be installed with the offset forward or backward for a total adjustment of -6mm to +6mm. Sold in pairs.

Handlebar Clamps
Available for standard 7/8” and ProTaper 1.125” diameter handlebars. Sold in sets, complete with bolts.

  • Short: 1.0 inch high
  • Tall: 1.5 inches high
  • Bar Back: 1.25 inches high, 0.5 inches back

Heights measured from top of triple clamp to center of handlebars


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Tripl clamp


September 18, 2015
GPS Racing | Triple Clamps
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